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4 Ideas to Fix Damaged Nails

Having your nails done is great and, but it’s actually much less great for your nails. Everything that nail polish actually blocks oxygen to your nails, and while they will look nice while polish ON, once that polish comes off, they’re usually quite unpleasant looking, right? So what’s her to perform? Allow me to share 4 ideas to fix damaged nails.

4 Tips?to correct Damaged Nails

#1. Banish Nail Polish Stains

If you’ve been wearing nail polish for some time without giving your nails a chance, probabilities are that they’re stained. To take out nasty nail polish stains out of your nails simply mix 1 tbsp baking soda with 1/2 tsp organic olive oil plus some squirts on the lemon. Rub that mixture within your nails and let take Five minutes. Stains be wiped out!

#2. Fix Cracked Nails

Nails that usually crack are really a signal of low calcium, so be sure you drink the recommended dose of calcium day-to-day OR take supplements. Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment ($20) is really a fave of mine in regards to fixing cracked nails. While it seems as if nail polish, it’s not. Just put these products for your nails every single day for any week as well as your nails will crack no more!

#3. No More Weak Nails

Nails that break easily need lots of moisture, the some tips i love doing is dipping my fingernails in coconut oil or essential olive oil for about A quarter-hour. Accomplish this each day around a month (It sounds insane but it REALLY WORKS!). Just dip your fingernails in a very bowl having an oil of your liking whilst you view television – it’s painless!

#4. Eradicate Bumpy Nails

Got those unsightly bumpy nails? Simply buff them! Purchase a buffing block through the local beauty store or maybe online, and buff your nails with all the rough side until they’re nice and smooth.

And don’t forget – provide your nails a much needed break in the polish! Don’t forget to share:)

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