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How I Grew My Nails In mere Fourteen days

If you’re one of those particular that is affected with breaking, tiny nails, you’re one of many. Growing long, strong nails has a amount of effort, and if you don’t squeeze are employed, you can’t reap the outcome. I’ve always had very brittle nails. They rarely ever grew, of course, if they did, they will just find yourself breaking or splitting. I tried lots of “nail strengtheners”, spent lots of money on different lotions and potions, and also to no avail, my nails still would look like crap.

Then, somebody explained about using castor oil. Click the link to find out my post in regards to the miracles of castor oil treatment in your hair. You can see, castor oil treatment isn’t just for acne prone skin or breaking, dull hair, also for your nails. Like castor oil promotes healthy growth for hair, what’s more, it works exactly the same for your nails. Thus said why don’t you test it out for!

How I Grew My Nails In Under?2 Weeks

So like I said, my nails had been super brittle and would break within the first symptom of growth.

My friend persuaded me into using castor oil which I’ve been totally enclosed in! I exploit it regularly in this little scalp in addition, on my skin. So I’ve started putting it on to my cuticles!

How to Grow Your Nails Using Castor Oil

Simply apply a small amount of castor oil in your nail beds every night right before bed. Rub the oil well within the nail beds, and ensure not really that use an excessive amount as castor oil can be quite thick. Repeat this every evening (or equally as much that you can remember) for 14. Inside of a week, you’ll notice your nails growing increasingly stronger. By week 2, your nails will need to have grown considerably.

After the two main weeks increased, continue applying castor oil treatment in your nail beds about 3 x each week.

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