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Wine Nails: An invaluable asset Nail Color!

You are aware about wine hair…but wine nails?! Give them a call burgundy, crimson, or maroon, but we choose to consider them as wine nails…because wine not? Wine nail colors could be the hottest nail trend this year and even for good reason too! This easy-to-find nail color can be a classic however a fresh twist: a deep, burgundy color that will pair perfectly which includes a Cabernet Sauvignon with your next wine tour!

These wine nail looks are perfect anytime and they’ll give your manicure a secret classy AND classic look. Whether you decide to go for matte wine colors or glossy wine colors, the option is perhaps all yours – this wine look is here to stay…at the least to the foreseeable future!

Wine Nails

#1. Wine Glass Nails

#2. Dark Wine

#3. Wine & Pink Nails

#4. Tribal Wine

#5. Matte Wine


#7.?Glossy Wine Nails With Accent

#8. Deep Burgundy Nails

#9.?Sparkling Wine

#10.?Light & Dark Wine

#11. Matte Wine Nails

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