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White Nail Polish – Tips on how to Accomplish it

If you’ve been keeping up with the most recent trends, you’ve probably seen or heard that white nail polish is creating a big splash come july 1st. Although white nail polish is a nice pretentious color to off, it might look absolutely stunning when worn right. These are some items to don’t forget before painting your nails white after.


  • Start by using a range of clean, polished nails. Like I said, white nail polish is extremely pretentious…just as white clothing. If they are not performed correctly, it may be a complete disaster.
  • Pick a crisp, white polish hue within a good brand including OPI, China Glaze or Essie. The higher quality brands only run about $1-3 over pharmacy brands, however they glide on a lot easier and also last longer.


  • Start by using a base coat and let it dry before using the white polish. This will likely make certain that it will take smoothly instead of chip so easily.
  • White nail polish can be be extremely tricky to apply while it gets streaky, so that’s why it’s critical that you purchase a good website!
  • You may require around three coats of white polish (I did!) since it’s a tough color and might still look streaky after 3 coats. Again, the treatment depends where get you noticed use.
  • Finish cream color a particular top coat to seal it in!

HOW Make use of IT:

  • Avoid wearing white nail polish using your black outfits. The contrast wrong in size much, and this just doesn’t look great.
  • DO wear white polish with tanned skin…it appears incredible!
  • Pair white nails with colorful pieces like neon or florals.
  • DO wear white polish compared to other white pieces

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