DIY Hair Detangler for Knotty Hair

If you’re one of several unfortunate folks that have problems with tangled hair, you’re one of many! You may have kids whose hair is very fine and gets tangled easily! At any rate, this DIY hair detangler works or any haired, but it’s specifically made for fine hair as it’s 100% natural and super gentle. Unlike ready-made hair detanglers which have been full of chemicals and preservatives, this DIY hair detangler uses only natural what are gentle on hair and scalp. Best of all, this homemade hair detangler can also help with frizzy, dry, and damaged hair, therefore it does a few points available as one!

DIY Hair Detangler for Fine, Thin Hair

I have super fine hair, as a result it constantly gets tangled! This detangler should make it Easy to brush through plus leaves my hair smelling heavenly! I’ve also noticed faster regrowth and less frizz too, therefore i recommend this for those with fine, thin hair!

You’ll Need:

  • 4 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 7 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 tsps apple cider vinegar
  • 1-1 1/2 oz of purified or distilled water
  • 2 oz spray bottle


  1. Add designed to raise oils to the glass bottles.
  2. Then, add some remedy and water.
  3. Close the bottle up and shake well!
  4. Spray onto tangled areas or all over after showering or anytime before combing.

This dentagler can be utilised on wet or dry hair. Work with it as often as you want to!

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