DIY Tanning Lotion For Tanned, Glowing Skin

Summer is probably inevitable, understanding that means it’s time for you to get your tan on…the safe way! Rather then spening too much time beneath sun maybe in a tanning booth (each you recognize are incredibly damaging to the skin), why not give your skin the stunning tan and glow it deserves the HEALTHY way? This DIY tanning lotion is made of organic and natural ingredients which don’t harm your sensitive skin, but will still supply you with a very nice tan and glow which will actually continue for days!

DIY Tanning Lotion

This DIY tanning lotion is among the our favorites because, in contrast to other homemade tanning lotions, it lasts considerably longer, and offers skin a lot deeper tan.

You’ll Need:

  • 4 black tea bags
  • white lotion


  1. Bring a giant cup water to a boil and add 4 black tea bags with it.
  2. Let it steep for a couple minutes hence the dark color develops.
  3. Before mixing, allow the tea cool off. Once cooled, removed the tea bags.
  4. Mix about 1 cup of lotion with 1/2 cup from the cooled black tea and mix well.
  5. Apply the tanning lotion to exfoliated skin.
  6. Let dry, and apply another layer as required.
  7. Use every day till you have the desired color.

Color Boost:

To get this tanning lotion even darker, you could mix your white lotion by incorporating hot chocolate mix. Verify that you are using 100% raw, unrefined hot chocolate mix. Mix in approximately you should find the desired color. Then, blend the darkened lotion using the black tea and apply per above.

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